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Why Buildspect?

We are specialist at preventing and resolving disputes
Buildspect Consulting specialises at providing evidence and advice for building and constructions projects, which is designed to be used as evidence in the courts. We then back that up by appearing in court to provide oral evidence where required. This gives our clients the facts, from an independent source, allowing them to either settle a dispute, or argue in the courts from a position of strength.
We care about our clients and can make their life easier
We don't only inform our clients of the nature of the problem, we are able to advocate for our clients with all parties involved to ensure that the correct people are engaged to rectify the problem, and that the problem is rectified to our clients satisfaction. We take our clients on the journey from their initial problem through to a complete resolution of their building issues.
We are independent, with no other influencing agenda
Buildspect is able to bring independence and impartiality to the table when representing you in building matters. This means that our only interest is to ensure that you get your building completed or rectified, at the level of quality and price you're expecting, and with no hidden surprises. We find that our involvement eliminates the vast majority of building disputes, and helps to ensure projects are completed to everyone's satisfaction.
We are the trusted name in the Building, Legal and Strata communities
With a strong reputation in the building, legal and strata community, and a methodology and approach to building matters that has been refined over almost 50 years, it's no wonder that Buildspect is the most trusted name in Australia when it comes to inspecting and reporting on building issues, be it defective items or incomplete items.

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